Winter Camping Tips That Really Will Help You To Stay Warm

There is absolutely no denying that winter camping can be wet and cold, especially if you reside in an area which has harsh winter weather. However, it s those wet, cold conditions which are able to make winter camping so very much fun. Winter campers are usually always worried about another night of bad weather, yet they never know how they are going to survive the next few days. That last night of winter is the best time to get out and do something: whether it is to build a fire, take a snow shovel and pail, or just gather around a campfire with some old logs. The possibilities for fun are endless!

Another one of the winter camping tips is to wear waterproof socks. Wet feet can make even the most well prepared campers freeze their feet off. This can cause hypothermia, which, if left untreated can cause death. If you and your companions don t normally wear waterproof socks, when the temperature drops make sure t at least wear some now. Wear waterproof socks that are big enough to allow some wiggle room for your feet to dry. Buy waterproof socks in bulk so that you will have them on hand for any eventuality.

Another one of the winter camping tips is to make sure you have a steady supply of hot water. Camping in the winter requires you to keep your water source warm. If you are in a tent, you can use a small propane heater to keep it warm. Otherwise, when using a can or bottle, make sure it’s well insulated and kept filled with cold water.

Another one of the best winter camping tips is to bring along a warm woolly hat. You will be glad you did. Not only will the heat from the campfire add a nice cozy ambience to your winter escapade, but the hat will protect your head and ears from the whipping wind. It will also give you a head start on catching any early snow flakes that may fall. The last thing you want is to be frozen to death by the first snowfall.

One of the ten essentials for winter camping is to pack light. Forgetting to bring along a few items can really put an entire campers’ trip in jeopardy. Most people who go camping in the winter months never bother to pack extra clothes and gear. They just don’t think they need the extra items. Well, they are awfully sorry once they get stuck deep in the woods and realize how cold and uncomfortable they are without proper clothing and warmth.

Winter camping can mean being cold for several days. You want to be especially aware of your body heat. So when it starts to get colder, make sure you pack some layers. Get some thick wool socks to wear around your ankles and gloves to protect your hands. If you spend a lot of time in the cold-weather, carry an extra pair of mittens to keep your hands warm. Wool blankets are also nice to have, as being lightweight fleece blankets.

Don’t work too hard or too long outside. Even if you have to take a break and go get a coffee or snack, make sure you do so a few hours later. This allows your body to gradually warm itself up. Also, if you must work outside, make sure you wear shoes that offer you excellent protection from the cold. And if you must stay inside, make sure you shut the windows to keep the cold out and work in slight shade. If you work outdoors, remember to bring a fan, as it will help distribute warmth more evenly throughout your house.

Finally, follow these winter camping tips. Although it may seem like they won’t do much to help you stay warm on a snowy landscape, they really can make a big difference. They may seem like basic tips, but the reality is that they apply almost universally. Keep them in mind and you should be able to avoid getting cold. Hopefully your next camping trip will be pleasant instead of unpleasant!