What We Like and Don t Like About Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

The Sea Eagle series is made for new kayaking enthusiasts. The Sea Eagle is a good boat for new kayakers, and it is also good for people with expertise who desire a simple no fuss, smooth recreational kayaking kayak on the go. This kayaking craft is an expandable kayak that can be used for multiple activities. For this reason, many people prefer to use this type of kayak. Sea Eagle’s s hull is made of molded aluminum and is sealed with a weather-proof coating.

This lightweight, inflatable kayak is great for two or three people to use on the water. This craft can be inflated in less than ten seconds. One can easily load it up with thirty to fifty pounds of equipment. With a hull that is only 25 pounds, it is Sea Eagle’s lightest recreational kayak and among the two kayaks in its main sports kayak series. This makes it very suitable for beginners.

The Sea Eagle’s ease of use makes it the ideal choice for younger children and inexperienced kayaks. It comes with a handy inflation package that is included with the purchase. Inflatable kayaks that are intended for three or four people to use have inflatable paddle packs. These are available in both standard and compact models. They are made from high quality fabrics. One added advantage is that kids can be paddling in clear waters without the threat of getting their clothes wet.

Another benefit of the Sea Eagle is that it has a very straightforward setup. With the flatwater model, you simply secure the seat and set the footrest into position. With the sport model, you can also choose between a single or dual motor setup. It comes with a very sturdy, full-grain leather paddle that can withstand heavy weight usage.

The Sea Eagle’s compact size allows you to bring it along on a camp trip. The spacious bays allow you to carry out your camping activities under clear skies. In between camping trips, you can use the bays as a fishing lake. You can even launch your kayak on straight up lake water.

The large storage compartments come in handy for storing all the required fishing gear. It includes a tackle box and holders for lures and rods. Other accessories include a digital compass and rescue whistle. A locking cooler bag comes with the kayak that allows you to keep stored items cool during transportation. And the built-in stakeaway system lets you anchor your kayak to the ground.

This inflatable kayak is available in two hull choices – the basic single-hull design and the pro package, which has a double-hull construction. Both have foam kayaks with high-tech performance fabrics. The basic model has one single Hull Aluminum paddle. And the pro package adds two paddle hulls for added stability.

Sea Eagle’s fastest and largest inflatable kayaks are available in the Canyon and Reef models. The Canyon offers a sleek design that makes it ideal for family fun on the water. This two-door kayak easily accommodates three adults and up to five children (up to sixteen will fit comfortably). The Reef model adds a reef tank for additional storage space.

The Reef has been designed with a sturdy hull that makes it able to withstand rough waters and rough conditions. The Sea Eagles is also lightweight enough that they can easily be stored and taken along for a day of whitewater fishing or some other exciting activity. There are also other lightweight options available, including the Reef Plus model which features stronger frames for better durability against weather and rugged use. The Reef Plus also weighs less at 8 lbs., and offers the same durability as the Reef model.

Sea Eagle’s latest creation, the Reef Plus, comes with a storage basket underneath and a detachable key for easy handling and transport. The basket allows up to three people to securely strap their gear to the soft inflatable kayaks, without having to remove them from under the kayaks themselves. This kayak provides plenty of room to store fishing gear and more and it offers two separate seating areas, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors together.