What To Wear Kayaking In Hot Weather

As you may be aware, kayaking in hot weather can be an extremely dangerous game, one that simply should not be attempted by novice kayakers. In fact, many first time kayakers have become drown in their kayaks during a particularly bad rain storm or on a flat water table where the waves are large and violent. What to wear when kayaking in hot weather is a concern that is worth considering as there are certain things that can help you stay safe and dry while you are out on your Kayaking adventure. Here are some suggestions on what to wear to kayak in hot weather:

First things first, it is important to bring a jacket that fits you properly. When kayaking in hot weather, you will undoubtedly sweat a lot and this can exacerbate the feeling of being wet and sticky. A cotton t-shirt is the best option as it will allow your skin to breathe and won’t suffocate under the hot temperature. You should also wear sunglasses to prevent the sun from burning your eyes.

When you are kayaking in hot weather conditions, you are not going to want to wear swim shorts or even khakis as these could get too hot for you and cover your body. Therefore, if you do choose to wear these items, make sure they are a couple of sizes larger than what your normal shorts or khakis are, as a pair of shorts or a pair of khakis with a full cup of water in them will only bring your body’s temperature down a few degrees and cause you to sweat more. If possible, try to find a pair of shorts that are made from a breathable fabric and that are in a dark color. These types of items will allow your body to breathe easier and help to keep you comfortable without having to worry about feeling sticky from too much sweating.

Another question that you may have is what to wear kayaking in hot weather. The answer to this question is simple: stay dry! This might be a little easier said than done because you are obviously in an open water environment, but you shouldn’t try to wear anything that could get wet. In general, avoid shirts that are made from synthetic materials and that aren’t washed properly, as they will end up attracting moisture to your body that will make you feel sticky. Instead, try to wear shirts made from 100% cotton and that are washed in gentle processes.

In the event that you do end up getting water on your kayak, you don’t want to try to scrub it off. You should immediately dry the area thoroughly with a towel before putting on your sunglasses. After you have dried the area, you should apply a sun block of some sort to help shade your body from the bright sun. This will help you from feeling the burn that often comes from sitting in the sun without any protection. Make sure that you always have enough sunscreen with you so that you can reapply it if the sun starts to fade.

Kayaks can easily lose their cool if you don’t protect them from the sun. In what to wear kayaking in hot weather, this is another area where you want to pay special attention. If your skin is already extremely dry, you may want to consider a heavy down jacket that will help keep the water from coming into contact with your body. Keep in mind that the warmth of the sun isn’t the only thing that causes a kayak to become overheated. Wind can also bring your craft to a halt, so if you want to make sure that you don’t become a victim of high and rapidly increasing temperatures, you will need to invest in a high quality windproof vest.

When it comes to what to wear kayaking in hot weather, your clothing options are almost limitless. For the best results, you should always try to avoid shorts whenever possible. Even if you feel that you need to go for a run or some exercise, you should always reserve your shorts until later because they will only add to the already extreme temperature. While some people may enjoy the thrill of being able to wear thongs, don’t do it when you are kayaking on a hot day. Not only will they make you sweat more, but you will end up losing your style points as well.

The most important thing to remember when you are kayaking in hot weather is that you are ultimately exploring new waters, and you will likely get sun burn. You may even end up getting a sun burn or two. However, when you take the time to prepare for the extreme temperatures, you can expect to have an enjoyable day out on the water. So, what to wear kayaking in hot weather?