What Is the Ideal Kayak Paddle Length For Women?

The ideal kayak paddle length should be between twenty-three and twenty-eight inches. An even longer paddle will put you at risk for twisting an ankle in a strong current or getting your foot stuck in the door of the kayak. The rule of thumb is that the longer the paddle, the better control you will have. Ideally, the paddle should be at least as long as your arm.

The average kayak paddle length is already 230 cm, which ideally is the ideal length for flat-bottom, flat-turning kayak style. However, if you utilize the flat-water, paddle turn style more frequently, you might want a slightly longer paddle. It is t easy to get the right paddle length for your own personal style and preference, however it is not easy to get this exact measurement from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are no industry standards on paddle lengths.

It is sometimes difficult to determine the correct sizing for kayak paddles even with industry-standard sizing. Many manufacturers do not take into consideration how much water you will be paddling, and this can result in having overly long paddles on smaller kayaks, and too short ones on larger kayaks. Longer paddles often have more resistance, while shorter paddles are easier to turn.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended that you purchase a kayak paddle length based on your body size. A suitable kayak paddle length must be based on the body size of the person using the kayak. Body size and body shape will influence the amount of wind resistance that the paddle blade will need. If you have shorter body size and larger hips, you will need larger blades to achieve the desired forward propulsion that you need.

In order to get the right kayak paddle length for yourself, it is best to consider the three main factors of blade length, high-angle paddling, and low-angle paddling. For high-angle paddling, the head and stern of the kayak must not be wider than 17 inches, whereas for low-angle, the head and stern must not be wider than 18 inches. Therefore, for a person with small body size and small hips, a paddle with a long blade length and smaller stern would be the most suitable.

Kayak paddle lengths are measured in centimeters. However, there is a distinction between the stroke length and the paddle length. The stroke length refers to the distance between the shortest part of the paddle to the longest part. Paddle lengths in centimeters are measured in meters.

Kayaking strokes are categorized according to their orientation. Reverse stroke, which mean that the paddle would be turned out away from the hull while in an upright position; upstroke, which mean the paddle would be turned back into the hull; and downstroke, where the paddle would be turned into the opposite direction of the hull. For example, if the paddle was turned out away from the hull it would be classified as a horizontal stroke.

Kayaks that are manufactured with wide hips and large feet can use small paddle lengths because these kayaks can stand well when paddle height is low. Paddle length is also a very important consideration when choosing a kayak paddle for women. Women’s long kayak paddles are generally made with higher or wider paddles to help stabilize the kayak in soft waters. However, foot and even leg length are not really necessary in women’s long kayaks as the long kayak paddle length can easily overcome any problem there is with getting the kayak paddle into the water. Regardless, of whether women need to use shorter or longer paddle lengths they can safely paddle with any paddle length they prefer.