Tips For Building Your Own Kayak Fishing Tackle Storage

You need kayak fishing tackle storage. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with a wrecked kayak that you won’t see until the summertime or fall. This means you’ll have to get right to work without any preparation. Fortunately, there are a few simple ideas for getting the most use out of your kayak and keeping it in good shape through the lean months.

First, know what you need and know where to get it. Make a list of all your kayak fishing tackle storage needs and figure how much of each you have. For example, do you have a rod rack? Are you carrying line? How many roods do you have? Do you plan to carry gear or food?

Once you have an idea of what your needs are, get as organized as possible. Create a document or log for all your kayak fishing tackle storage needs, keeping things in categories and colors so you don’t have to look around when you’re fishing. Use this document to rank your items, whether they’re top priority or something you can put on the back burner. Some things are important to you and should be on your list, such as the rod holder, but not everyone will use it regularly. Keep some things in plastic buckets and totes that can be thrown into the bottom of your kayak fishing vest.

If you want to learn more about DIY kayak storage, watch some of your favorite videos on YouTube. Look at some of the pros and cons of various storage options, and decide which ones you’d prefer. For instance, should you use one bucket for everything, or keep some in separate containers? Why not try storing live bait in a bucket, or tie your gear down with a weight? The options are almost endless.

Another suggestion is to build two (or more) simple stands for your rods and reels. These will give your kayak fishing gear more stability and make it much easier to find where things are when you need them. Use wood, fiberglass, or PVC tubing to make your stands. You can build one tall or too short, and place them anywhere you can to hold your gear.

Use whatever solutions you can find to get your fishing kayak storage up and running. You can get a simple rope and peg system for securing gear in your kayak. This works great if you’re using live bait or flipping flies. Otherwise, simply use straps to secure things together and tie them down with ties or Velcro. Make sure there’s plenty of room at the base of the pole for your gear, and always make sure to unpack everything before you take off.

A lot of people use their kayak fishing gear as a form of transportation. This means you can carry all your fishing gear up and out of the water without taking up valuable space in your car. This is great if you live by yourself or have no one to share your fishing gear with. Carrying your tackle in a locking case allows you to lock up the case and keep your tackle safe, even if you have a large family. Consider a plastic storage bag that you can stuff in a toolbox and use as an easy kayak fishing gear storage solution for your entire family.

If you’ve ever been to a sporting goods store, you know that they sell kayak fishing tackle storage systems made from plastic or metal. These work fine, but if you want something that’s lighter and more portable, consider making your own. A simple assembly process will allow you to create a tackle box that’s designed just for your kayak fishing gear. Use wire, rope, or strong but flexible plastic material to construct the box and then secure it with either Velcro or a sturdy metal fastening system. As long as you use sturdy materials that can withstand the weight of several kayak fishing rods, you’ll be able to move your box around with ease.