The Best Kayaking In Florida

If you’re looking for the best kayaking in Florida, there are several options. South Florida has some great kayaking trails that feature completely different natural flora, fauna, and fauna. Starting in south Florida, head out to the swamps and northern Atlantic city of Vail and rent a kayak at any one of their several rental outlets.

Or if you’re looking for night kayaking in south Florida head to the island of Saint Basil. This little island is home to a great little kayaking location. Named after the Basil Godard who first discovered the area, Saint Basil Island is a private island where you can kayak all day and night without fear of overcrowding or being interfered with by swimmers or creatures of the sea. This island is home to the “Shoreside Pines,” a grove of palm trees that shade the waters from the salty tides. A few miles to the north of the island you will find a mangrove forest, where you can hike, and more hike.

On the other side of Saint Basil island you will come across “Manatee County Park.” This is the perfect place to explore without driving too far. The park features walking trails, nature study areas, picnic areas, and a playground. In addition to manatees, you will find a wide variety of wildlife such as deer, alligators, rattles, crabs, and so much more. There is a great deal for the whole family in Manatee County park.

If you’re looking for the perfect Florida kayak rentals, then you will need to head over to Pensacola. Pensacola Beach is located right on the Gulf coast, giving you easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. This area is home to the “Great Gulf Coast Paddle Sport,” which has become famous around the world. This sport consists of competing in kayaking races from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, all in search of the fastest kayaks down the river.

If you want to experience night kayaking in Florida, then you should head over to the “St. Lucie Island National Wildlife Refuge.” The largest wildlife refuge in Florida, this island is also home to a variety of sea life, turtles, alligators, deer, and much more. Many tourists head here once they see the endangered turtle conservation plan being debated in the state capitol. You can see the turtles in their natural habitat at night as well as observe many other creatures of the sea and air in this beautiful park.

Sarasota offers plenty of opportunities for manatees as well. There are manatee trails for riders along the river, manatee friendly hotels, restaurants, and shops for all of your necessities, including food and souvenirs. As for the kayakers, Sarasota offers two rivers that cater to the sport of kayaking, the Nokomis and Suwannee Rivers. These rivers provide great opportunities for manatee paddling, especially for beginners or those who are just starting out with a kayak.

Other tourist destinations in Florida include the Suwannee River, the Tarpon Springs State Wildlife Refuge, and the St. Lucia River in Mississippi. You may also want to check out the Suwannee Bay Wildlife Refuge, which is near Suwannee. This wildlife destination is home to a variety of reptiles and mammals including alligator gar, king cobra, leopard gecko, spotted deer, and numerous species of birds. Other manatee locations include the Suwannee River National Marine Sanctuary, Fort Meyers National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the Suwannee River National Marine Turtle Reserve.

The St. Lucia Island preserves is another beautiful destination to check out while kayaking in Florida. This scenic area is known for its marshes, natural hot springs, as well as bird watching. Kayaking enthusiasts can even spend the night camping at one of their manatee campsites on the island. Another great destination, although it may take some time to reach it, is the Miami-Dade county Miami beach. Here you will find a wide array of natural wildlife including manatees as well as dolphins.