The Best Kayak Modifications You Can Do to Your Kayak

If you’re looking to improve your kayak fishing experience, adding a portable and compact fish finder is one of the first kayak fishing mods to consider. This nifty little device, which fits easily in your kayak’s stern compartment, is very useful for kayak fishing. It can even detect fish, suggesting their exact location and size, recognize water bed features, and provide other helpful read-outs with its two standard channels. Plus, it records data so you can quickly check it against next time’s charts. If you don’t have a fish finder, this is an ideal way to gauge how many fish are biting.

Another one of the best fishing kayak upgrades to install in your boat is a rudder pedal. These cleverly disguised foot pedals give you more control over your maneuvering while kayak fishing. By giving you more control, you can improve your agility and mobility, opening up new opportunities for moving through the water faster and with more precision. Plus, paddling with these pedals is far more comfortable than lugging around a heavy oar or paddle. Paddlers are also handy when you need to reach something in a hurry, such as your fishing vest! With a built-in strap, these are perfect for using your kayak as a carrying case for essentials.

Outriggers are also an excellent kayak fishing mod to include in your vessel. In simple terms, outriggers are paddlers attached to the hull via rudders. Because they have extra stable bases, outriggers can keep a kayak stable in even the most extreme conditions. They are especially useful when fishing in very strong winds, where a kayak might flip over unexpectedly. For this reason, outriggers are commonly used on flounder, fly, and bass fishing. Kayakers who fish offshore can also benefit from having an outrigger, since its stable base can help support the kayaker as he or she tucks in for the evening.

Crate fishing is also one of the most popular kayak mods, which uses supplies similar to those in a fishing crate. A fishing crate, sometimes called a “crate pack” or “crate packer,” is a durable, waterproofed bag in which to store kayak fishing gear. Many kayak retailers stock fishing crate packs; simply look for one that suits your specific needs.

Fishing crates make great kayak storage devices for a variety of reasons. Because they are durable and waterproof, they’re great for transporting kayaks and other kayak accessories between kayak fishing trips. Some models even come with their own lockable storage lock, which makes it easier to keep a prized possession in the garage or basement. Plastic Rod Holders made from durable plastic is the best choice for this type of storage, as they are extremely durable and will hold up against all kinds of weather conditions.

One of the kayak modifications that anglers tend to forget about is updating their kayak batteries. If you don’t already have a way to charge your batteries while you’re out on the water, then you need to make sure you purchase a quality set of batteries, or check into an aftermarket rechargeable battery for your rig. With a set of high quality batteries, you can expect to get many extra hours of playtime out of every set of batteries you have.

Apart from getting the right fishing gear, it’s also important to get some of the best kayak GPS systems on the market. The best kayak GPS systems have been designed to provide accurate tracking of exactly where your destination is, as well as providing you with recommendations as to how you can get there. Some of the better GPS systems will let you input your data and store it on a file, which you can then download to your computer and use later, like so many other GPS accessories. Other in-depth kayak gps modifies will allow you to store data on charts, graphs and side-by-side side reports for future reference. You should also have a way to download the fish finders and charts you get from your GPS to your laptop or tablet, so you can share them with other fellow anglers on the water. Charting your catches is a great idea and must-do if you want to maximize your catches.

Rod holders are also important among the best kayak mods. trolling motors are pretty cheap and can be purchased separately, but you might want to buy a trolling motor to match your specific set up. A powerful trolling motor will allow you to use that setup to catch more fish. Check out some trolling motor reviews online and you’ll find the right one for you!