Pelican Kayak Accessories

While functionality and durability fall into second place, fishtailing and hull climbing are also high priorities when choosing your next fishing boat. For quick action on fast river rapids, top-of-the-line pelican kayaks excel beyond the competition. But that’s not all you can expect from a well-constructed, finely-crafted craft; there’s also the aesthetic appeal of this fine fishing gear.

Whether you’re shopping for a family or single-person craft or looking to complete an entire kayaking adventure, Pelican offers a full range of durable but practical sporty boats. The company also designs complete boats, including kayak accessories, so you can outfit your boat with everything from paddle handles to wheel hubs and gunwale protectors. And because Pelican designs its boats to perfectly fit each consumer’s unique need, it manufactures both sedans and sport boats.

If speed is your calling, you’ll be happy to know that Pelican offers two kinds of competitive racing kayaks. One is the Magnum, which is built on the same sturdy frame as all Pelican boats but sports a shorter body. It’s ideal for flatwater competitions and other events where speedy movement is essential. The other is the Alpine, which sports a longer body and a head with built-in rudder. These boats are ideal for flatwater as well as race situations.

If you want to bring a little more functionality to your paddle, you might consider upgrading to one of Pelican’s sport add ons. Available in a wide array of colors, these accessories are an ideal way to customize your boat. With the right accessories, you can make your trip more enjoyable. Some of the most popular include personalized rudder pads and seats, extending tow boat seats, and seat covers. Pelican has even expanded their selection to include a windstorm, which is a handy little accessory that helps you keep your boat stable in high winds.

If you want a little more storage space, you might consider purchasing one of Pelican’s sport add ons paddle bags. Available in a variety of sizes, these bags have interior compartments that can securely pack your kayak gear while keeping them accessible. Some of the popular bags include the Essential Paddle Bag and the Sport Pages Paddle Bag. Both of these bags have spacious interiors and can store a number of paddle equipments, including paddle shafts, paddle lines, spare oars, and a variety of sporting accessories. If you regularly participate in sports or events, these bags may be your best option.

While many people choose to buy larger, bulkier kayak paddles, there are plenty of small and medium sized crafts that would benefit from the use of small and medium paddle bags. These bags help you carry supplies and items that you might not otherwise need to bring along on your outdoor adventure, and can easily be attached to your boat. Additionally, they will make it much easier to tuck your kayak gear away when you need to go below for the day. Small and medium sport add ons paddle bags are available in various colors, so you will easily find one that will compliment the color of your boats.

If you plan to fish from your kayak’s more than a few times each year, you may need some type of protection for your kayak gear. The most popular type of protection is an installed hard hat that fits over your head and around the back of your kayak. It is important to make sure that your hat is sturdy and will withstand the weight of your head gear. Other popular kayak accessories include ice chests that store bottles of water, kayak skis, and other fun accessories. Ice chests and kayak skis are particularly useful if you live in a cold region where ice forms regularly during the winter months.

Pelican makes many other types of durable sports and leisure equipment, including kayak furniture such as benches and cabinets. They also sell a number of kayak accessories to match any style or model of boat you own. Whether you want to protect your kayak and supplies against the elements or add a kayak fishing rod holder to make your boat’s look more complete, Pelican has the kayak accessories that you need. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is a replacement part for an old rack system or a sport add on for your boats, you can count on Pelican to have a product that suits your needs.