Make Your Kayak Dock Storage Rack Work For You

When you are building or updating your kayaking setup, one of the best investments you can make is in a high quality kayak dock storage rack. Storage racks for kayaks come in a variety of sizes and styles and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. You want something that is durable, functional, easy to access, and attractive as well. Finding the perfect one is not difficult because they are available in exclusive patent pending design and engineering from leading kayak manufacturers.

When you start looking at storage options for your kayak, think about the volume of equipment you will be carrying as well as the style. Consider whether you have a single kayak, multiple kayaks, or a combination of boats. The size of your kayak dock storage rack also depends on the number of paddlers you have. For example, if you own five to eight kayaks and plan to use them for wakeshore fishing, consider purchasing a storage solution designed for each individual kayak. This type of solution can be made out of sturdy materials and offer variable gear and storage options. It will take up slightly more space, but it will be designed to hold all of your kayaks and provide unparalleled functionality and security.

A great way to protect your kayak and reduce weight while adding functional storage space for all of your gear is with a custom kayak dock storage rack and mounting system. Most storage systems today come with an optional wheel mount, allowing you to easily move your boat from one location to another. In addition, most of the mount designs for wheels are secure enough to support heavier kayaks as well as a wide range of canoe sizes. The wheel mount usually attaches to the underside of the canoe just below the rear kayak. You will need to ensure the wheel mount is strong enough to support the canoe that you intend to mount.

Some kayaks, especially those that have been built for extreme travel conditions, may have reinforced fiberglass over-water mounts. These designs are more expensive than other types, but they are designed to withstand repeated, long-term exposure to the elements, including salt water. They are also designed to expand and contract with increased or decreased water levels, keeping your boat perfectly situated no matter what the conditions. Because they are sturdily constructed, over-water mounts can also take a big beating and last for many years.

Other types of kayak storage rack systems are made with stronger, less flexible materials. Most portable storage rack systems that are sold can be mounted on most boats, regardless of tonnage or length. These types of kayak dock storage rack systems include telescoping and non Telescoping fittings. Most of the non Telescoping fittings feature mild steel construction and powder coated finishes. These storage racks are designed to securely hold the largest of kayaks and are usually designed to be extremely versatile as well.

A kayak dock rack system with an over-water holds will usually be designed to securely support either two, four, six or eight kayaks. Depending on the number of kayaks, you may want to buy multiple over-water holds. Over-water supports are generally sold in kits that consist of a single kayak mount, one to three knee holes and one to two powder-coated steel hardware pieces. The hardware pieces will be spaced apart so that you can easily assemble the rack onto the boat’s deck.

Paddleboards, or self-contained motors, are another popular type of portable kayak storage system. Some people prefer to have their own paddleboards because they require very little storage space. Portable kayak storage racks that are designed for storing paddleboards are designed to securely support at least two kayaks. Many of the kayak storage racks that are specifically designed for self-contained motors will also contain an over-water storage rack that is designed to safely support additional kayaks. Self-contained kayaks are not designed to be towed, and therefore storage racks for self-contained motors will most likely have a weight limit for the kayaks in them.

When it comes to finding a kayak storage system, there are a few different ways to solve the problem of limited overhead space. You can get organized by purchasing one of the kayak storage systems that are designed to securely support multiple types of kayaks. If you get a freestanding overhead space, you can install a double overhead space that consists of a series of hooks and poles to which you can hang various kayak accessories. This type of overhead space is best suited for small kayak models. If you have a larger kayak, then you may have to look into getting a different type of storage system, such as a high performance vertical kayak storage rack.