Kayaking With Dogs

Can dog swim well in kayaking? Definitely yes, as long as you’ve taken steps to prepare him for it. The first thing you need to do is have him certified by an instructor. Once that’s done, you can both head out on a kayaking adventure together. And no doubt your first kayaking experience will be fantastic.

But first, you need to train your canine for proper kayaking. And you need to practice enough beforehand before long-distance kayaking. So, how to teach a dog to kayak correctly? Dinnertime is often the ideal time to try out various tandem kayaks. It allows both you and your pet the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment, gain familiarity with water and other people, and get used to the different equipment settings.

Dog-paddlers should never be left alone in kayaking devices. You may feel tempted to let your canine off the leash in the middle of the ocean, but he or she should always be sitting next to you. Why? Because a kayaking experience is significantly more enjoyable if both paddlers are comfortable with one another. Kayakers with their dogs sitting beside them will have a much easier time keeping their heads and eyes on the horizon.

Your dog shouldn’t be allowed to ride in the kayak alone. This may sound like common sense – after all, most kayaking experiences involving dogs are incredibly fun. But some dogs feel more comfortable being ridden by their owners than they do in the kayak. This can pose a problem during a kayaking excursion. Kayakers who leave their dogs in the kayaks alone could end up with some very confused dogs who don’t understand why they’re being taken care of. Make sure you take care of your pets before and after kayaking and thoroughly check your kayak and equipment before leaving them in it.

Even if your dog is perfectly happy spending time in his kayak, there’s a chance that he might get tired or feel cold. One of the biggest benefits of dog-powered kayaking (whether independently or with another pet) is the ability to keep your pet warm. However, dogs don’t share the outdoor warmth of humans and won’t feel comfortable unless they are properly dressed. To ensure your pet stays cozy while enjoying the great outdoors, carry a couple of blankets and extra towels with you on your kayaking adventure.

Dogs who are enthusiastic kayaking won’t feel the need to give up the comforts of home when they’re out on the water with you. Just make sure you take them far enough away from shore to avoid getting too cold or wet. If your pet is anxious about being alone while kayaking, try having a sit or a lie down area in the kayak instead. This will help calm them down.

Another reason that dogs feel uncomfortable during kayaking is that they are not used to such activity. A good way to solve this issue is to introduce them gradually into the sport. Start with short kayaking sessions where you allow them to play freely and slowly work your way up to longer periods of time in the kayak. Kayaking with your pet dog can be a very enjoyable activity and even more so if you introduce them to the sport during a camping trip where they have a free space to play around and relax. You can also purchase specially designed kayaks to ease the difficulty level of kayaking for your pet dog.

Dogs love to play with inflatable kayaks because they can float over water and the bounce of the kayak adds to their enjoyment. However, do not underestimate how much of an inconvenience the inflatable kayak can be. Not only does it take time and patience to set up but it also has to be filled up with air at regular intervals. Inflatable kayaks also tend to have a smaller load capacity than other kayaks. But all in all, dogs kayaking seems like a great activity to try and it is a good idea to make sure that you include your dog in the planning process and purchase a kayak specifically designed for them to enjoy.