Kayaking Upstate NY

Kayaking upstate New York is fun and exciting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you will have plenty of opportunities to kayak upstate throughout the season. You can choose to kayak on any one of the many rivers, streams, lakes, or even the highlands. Here are some of the best and most popular areas in the Catskills for kayaking.

Catskill River: Catskill River is located in the far northwestern part of the Catskills and it is bordered by the Fox and Catskill Mountains. The water temperature here is warm, but not cold, and crystal clear. There are over forty species of wildlife including several species of elks. You can also go white-water rafting down the Kankakee River, a popular source of water sports in Catskill. Some of the real estate upstate dairy farms are located near the river. If you are planning an outdoor wedding upstate ny, a trip to Catskills picnic areas will allow you to have a private area for a picnic.

Fox River: This is a popular kayaking destination because it offers more than just water. It offers wildlife such as bear, moose, and deer. In fact, if you want to kayak in the deep woods, the Fox River is the best location for that. The waters are clear blue and the wildlife is plentiful. The only threat to wildlife is a boat, which does not happen very often.

Catskill River: Catskill River is not as well known as the Fox River, but it is still one of the more popular locations for kayaking. The water is clear, hot, and it offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Upstate New York. Because the currents here are so strong, the best times for taking a trip on the rapids are in the spring, summer, and fall. The rapids at Catskill are not easy and it takes a couple of days to complete a ride. However, it is one of the highlights of the trip. If you haven’t been to Catskill, don’t miss out on this awesome experience.

Oswego Lake: This lake is in Oswego County, New York. The water temperature can be pleasant in the winter and warm in the summer. There are not as many places as there are in Catskill where you can take a two-hour ride on a flat water kayak. Kayaks can be rented on the lake or taken anywhere along the canal and trails found in the park. Some of the most popular spots include River Rock and the Oswego Ledge.

Winlow’s Pond: It’s a beautiful small park with twenty acres of open land surrounded by woods. Some of the more popular white water kayaking routes include the Verde River and the Fingerhut State Park. It’s a popular destination for kayaking during the spring and summer months because the water is nice enough to swim in. In the winter, kayakers can head into town to enjoy the popular Winlow’s Pond Ice Cream Festival, an event held in the late spring through early summer.

Corte Madre: This area of Upstate New York is known for its Corte Madre Springs, a natural hot spring known for its therapeutic effects. For a more strenuous workout, try the Corte Madre Falls, which can take up to four hours to reach the top. While you’re kayaking in this area, don’t forget to try one of the five trails that circle the falls. These trails offer excellent views of the falls and a great workout. The best time to kayak in Corte Madre is in the spring, around May. The rapids aren’t too challenging, but the waters are still cold, making it a great time to explore this outdoor recreation.

Whitestone Beach: Located close to the village of Westhampton, Whitestone Beach offers a variety of kayaking experiences. White Water Rafting is a popular sport here, and kayaking is a good way to learn the sport. Since there are so many options available, Whitestone Beach is a great place to enjoy a day or two of kayaking fun. In the summer, the water can get pretty hot, so it’s best to go kayaking with a partner or someone else if possible.