Kayaking Or Biking – What Does Your Body Composition Say About How Effective Kayaking Or Biking Is?

How many calories are burned while kayak surfing? Kayaking can differ on a number of variables. Age, current weight, body composition and current weight plus the length of time kayaked can all factor into how many calories are burned while kayak surfing. So, how much does kayak surfing burn? An average individual weighing 185 lbs and kayaking for at least 60 minutes would burn about 441 calories.

So how many calories burned is considered to be the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest? The amount of physical activity in any given exercise session is the amount of calories burned through metabolic processes. In the case of kayak exercise, it’s the same as walking or jogging to the paddling motion put more resistance on the body and increases the amount of calories burned. Of course, you have to consider your current weight and the total time you’ve been kayak biking or walking to get the number. I estimate, based on my experience, that an average of about six to seven miles is needed to reach the goal of completing the exercise regimen.

If you were overweight, would losing weight or maintaining your current weight be a factor in reaching your goal? Obviously, the calories burned kayaking or biking would be greater if you were leaner. You also need to think about adding muscle to improve your body mass index and decrease the amount of fat you have. Many people who are overweight do not have a high enough RMR (range of possible healthy weights) to be able to maintain their current size. This could be one of the reasons they can’t lose weight or maintain their current weight.

What about calories burned kayaking or biking or doing a combination of both? Obviously, you’ll burn more calories in a slower cardio workout. Can the activity alone help lose weight or are there other aspects to do as well? Yes, definitely. Kayaking or walking fast can increase your metabolism so you can lose weight faster.

Paddling fast may be a little extreme for you but it does add an additional cardio workout. And remember that kayakers or walkers must also expend energy to propel themselves forward. Can paddling help you lose weight? It depends on whether you’re doing it without a partner. If you have someone along to assist you, then the extra calories burned kayaking or biking will more than offset the additional effort.

There’s also a question of whether or not the increased heart rate from paddling will make you sweat. It will if you’re pushing yourself. How many calories burned kayaking or biking can you expect to lose just from an increase in your heart rate? It depends on the person, but many times people who kayak or bike hard don’t see much weight loss. You’ll lose body fat, yes, but you’ll probably also burn calories and not water.

The average heart rate for people biking or kayaking is only about seventy-five to eighty miles per hour. So, that means that your potential to burn many calories burned per minute is much smaller. For most people it’s not big enough. So, I recommend you start paddling harder until you get into better shape.

In addition to how many calories are burned paddling, what is important is how much of that is turned into lean body mass. Most people get exhausted when they’re doing aerobics or high intensity workouts because their body is burning less energy. But, if you increase your calorie burning by doing more endurance activities, such as kayak or biking, and add more muscle mass, your body composition will be much better. That means that you’ll have more calories to burn, and you’ll also have more energy to do whatever it is you want to do.