Kayaking Kauai – Experience the Enchanted Pleasure of Kayaking

If you love kayaking, you will want to pay a visit to Kauai, Hawaii. This exotic island is home to the greatest kayaking activity in the world. There are two main bodies of water on Kauai: The Wailua River and Lake Waikiki. If you’ve never kayaked on the ocean, the waters on Kauai are loaded with treasures waiting to be discovered.

One of the most popular areas for kayaking on Kauai is the Na Pali Coast. If you have ever driven to the north shore, then you have seen it… the vast stretch of flat, white sand that is being pumped up into the air above the black lava rocks. For most people, this “surfer’s paradise” is off limits. However, if you take just an hour or two, you can explore the wonders of Na Pali and kayak along the beautiful beaches and the channels that lead into the marine refuge.

Another popular kayaking destination is the North Shore. This area is on the western tip of the island, near the airport and along Highway 99. The water and surf here are legendary. You may have seen pictures of this lake… the miles of pristine beach that stretches from North to South Harbor. You will find some excellent kayaking near the North shore at the Na Pali Coast Park.

Some of the best ocean kayaking in Kauai happens at Waimea bay. The shallow black water makes this area perfect for swimming, sailing, and kayaking. If you find that driving up the rocky trail to the swimming pool is too difficult, make your way to the South shore. Here you’ll find a great selection of kayaks, canoes and swim boats.

Out in the Na Pali Coast, you will come across another group of kayaking enthusiasts. They call themselves the Na Pali Coast Kayak Association. Here you’ll find the world’s greatest expanse of beaches, a swimming pool, and deep water fishing. You will find an abundance of information on Na Pali Coast Kayak Association of Hawaii.

One of the most popular places to kayak in Kauai is Wailua River State Park. Here you will find miles of trails ideal for swimming, fishing and kayaking. There are also numerous guided tours of the park. The Wailua River State Park is a wonderful place for families, day-trippers and nature lovers alike.

If you want to kayak further from town, you will find that there are several options. Two of the largest lakes, Lanikai and Aluaheelike, both have miles of trails ideal for kayaking. Keolah Point State Park is on the southern tip of Kauai and offers even more hiking and camping opportunities. Other options include stopping at the Aloha Stadium Boat Dock for a kayaking adventure or taking a hike along the shore.

There are so many possibilities for kayaking in Kauai. These are only a few of the miles of trails, rivers, and beaches you can explore. For those who like to live in the calm and solitude, these are the perfect places to go when the busy waters of the Pacific are not enough to satiate your desire for adventure.

The weather in Kauai is generally pleasant year-round, but you may find that the water gets a little rough between June and December. This is also true of Aluaheelike and Wailua River, which experience heavy rain during the months of January through March. Kayaking in these and other Hawaiian islands is a great way to get away from it all and soak in some fresh ocean air.

There are kayaking tours available for just one and two hours, or you can extend your kayaking adventure for hours upon hours. Most tour operators offer both long and short kayaking adventures and can set you up right on the lake. If you are planning to spend several days kayaking in Kauai, it would be wise to arrange your excursion well in advance of the scheduled start time.

Another advantage to booking an excursion with an experienced kayaking company is that they can give you advice on the best time of year to kayak, as well as tell you what you can expect upon arrival at your choice of destination. In addition, a professional kayaking company will be able to help you plan your trip so that you get the most out of it. They will explain the best routes, where to find fish and other wildlife, and the history and culture of the area. They can also help you prepare meals while kayaking and keep you safe by teaching you how to quickly grab a hold of your equipment and exit the water if needed.

Before you leave on your kayaking adventure, it is a good idea to learn a few simple kayaking skills. These include recognizing the surface area of the lake you are entering, keeping your eyes on the horizon and avoiding obstructing objects such as rocks or other boaters on the lake. You should also learn basic kayaking skills such as breathing and signals. Kayaking is not a simple sport and requires a good deal of skill and ability. Even the most skilled kayaker will become nervous at times. Therefore, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the sport before setting out.