Kayaking is a Great Outdoor Activity

“If you love the great outdoors, get up and go kayaking! You’re sure to savor a unique one-of-a-type adventure!” Kayak adventurers share these words of praise for Alaskan waters. We take you on a voyage of discovery that’s all around you!

The icy waters of Alaska to bring many an adventurer to their kayaking feet. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended exploration of this beautiful place, the icy waters will beckon to anyone who’d like to get up and go kayaking in these channels. Most Alaskan lakes have good water conditions, but some areas are better than others. If you’re trying to determine where you want to start out, try marking the topography on a piece of paper to help you pinpoint your starting location. Note any changes in elevation, the depth of the water, and other factors that could prove useful as you travel the length of the lake in your kayak.

To find the best water conditions and the best spots to go kayaking, head to the South Denali National Park. Here you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see wild sea life and to practice your white water kayaking skills. Depending upon the season, the water temperature may reach as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. However, head to the colder months to avoid getting wet on the rocks or slippery ice covered rivers. After the ice melts, the water temperature can reach up to seven degrees lower than what it is now, and you’ll need to prepare for a trip into the heart of winter:

To get up and go kayaking with your own kayak, head out to one of the many islands in the middle of the South Fork Alaska Range. There, you’ll find one of the most beautiful places in Alaska where nature’s bounty and alpine terrain meet. Hike a portion of Alaska’s Mount Kilimanjaro with your kayak and admire its majestic height. Then, hike to the top of Mount Mitchell, where you’ll have the chance to catch some rare glimpses of bear, eagles, mountain goats, and even snow monkeys. Finally, travel up the trail to the glacier-capped Wilderness Lake, a great spot for photo opportunities. After you’re done seeing the glaciers and the wildlife of Denali National Park, get back on the trail to the parking lot and catch your dinner at the restaurant before continuing your journey to Point Loma.

For an adventure that includes a swim and a view of the ocean, head to the Pacific Ocean by boat. At the Leel Island Campgrounds, locate a safe Anchorage at the foot of Point St. George and bring your equipment and kayak. Swimming is the best way to beat the sun and have a picnic, however you’re free to do anything you’d like on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Bring your snorkeling gear and prepare yourself for some views of the tropical waters. The views from Point St. George to the town below are simply breathtaking.

After paddling your kayak to shore and getting your equipment ready, head over to the San Diego Zoo. While you’re there, visit the Seaport Village Shopping Center to purchase souvenirs or to browse the unique gift shops. In between stops, stop into the Old San Diego Inn & Club for breakfast (if you’re lucky enough to arrive early), a relaxing afternoon, or lunch. You can stay in a room at the Seaport Village, or if you’d prefer the all-day experience, rent a vacation condo. You’ll be greeted by cheerful workers who will set your kayak up in the water before taking it out for a test run. After testing it out, they’ll take it back and let you enjoy it while it’s up on the water again.

After the morning visit, head over to the Aquarium to check out the fish that you’ve caught. Get to know the creatures while enjoying a leisurely meal alongside the dolphins. You may also want to learn a little bit more about breeding the fish, as many species are threatened or already endangered. Afterwards, return to your kayak and enjoy the afternoon and evening under the stars.

If you’re in the mood for a more energetic adventure, try the Scripps Park Kayak Rides. It offers scenic trails along the Pacific Ocean to the southern peninsula of San Diego. Enjoy the peaceful silence as you float along, admiring the wildlife and plants. You can even take a tour of the historical landmark “Jail Bird” from the kayak as you glide along. Kayakers will be allowed to use restroom facilities on each side of the kayak. Kayaking is a great way to get exercise and see the sights, so make reservations today at the Best Western St. Ignatius L.A. – La Jolla and make the most of your San Diego vacation!