Kayaking in Houston and Austin, Texas

If you love kayaking and wish to explore some of the country’s inland waterways, kayaking in Houston is the perfect way to get around. Within about seventy-five miles of central Houston, a half-million-acre lake, over three hundred rivers, bays, and creeks await discovery. If you want to kayak in Houston without having to pay steep boat rental fees, there are a few options.

One of the most popular kayaking destinations in the Texas panhandle is Buffalo Bayou. This is a small lake, but home to some of the most magnificent kayaking scenery in Texas. The lakes are surrounded by many miles of clear water and surrounded by a dense forest of oaks, quail, and woodcock. Many kayakers come to Buffalo Bayou in the spring and stay for the entire week as they explore the beautiful lakes and historic wooded trail. The park headquarters offers several types of cruises, but the most popular are the “Bayou Blast” cruises that offer round-trip general riding with a variety of entertainment activities on the way to kayaking Houston.

Another popular kayaking destination in the Houston area is Port Bank National Wildlife Refuge. This national wildlife sanctuary is less than three miles long and covers three miles of the Texas coast. Among its amenities are two miles of swimming beach, two miles of designated canoe and kayak tours, miles of nature trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and restrooms. The most popular kayaking style in the coastal basin is the “bayou” style kayaking that originates from the Louisiana-Texas Oklahoma border. These kayaking trips often begin in Fort Collins and make their way down the Colorado River to Port Bank.

For those who prefer paddlecraft over kayaking, Houston has several options. Paddlecraft companies can be found throughout Houston and can provide lessons and demonstrations to novices and experienced kayakers alike. Paddlecraft enthusiasts can enjoy an invigorating day of river kayaking, windsurfing, or simply relaxing on a paddleboard on the Gulf of Mexico. The most popular kayaking destinations include the Texas Nature Center in Spring, the Katy Paddler Park in South Main, and the Deep Gulf National Marine Science Center in Port Houston. The Bays of Houston Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Clinic are also located in the area and offers kayaking instruction to novices and professionals.

Houston’s Gulf Coast is home to several popular paddling spots along the shores of Clear Channel and Gulf of Mexico. Located on the south side of the city, these kayaking locations include Conroe, Copperfield, and League City. Paddler enthusiasts have access points at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Downtown Houston, and the Fifth Street Seaport. The Conroe and League City beaches each feature a unique surf culture that makes them a popular destination, but they both offer other options including access points to the downtown area, the George R. Brown Convention Center, and the Deep Gulf National Marine Science Center.

On the west side of Houston near the downtown area, there is The Lakewood Bend State Park. Paddlers can find a variety of kayaking gear at this park including life vests, paddles, wetsuits, helmets, and paddling gear. Kayaks can be rented for day or overnight trips. For individuals looking to buy a kayak, the Edmond Silversmiths’ Kayaks and Paddle Shop offer paddleboards, kayaks, seats, and accessories. There are also numerous freshwater fishing charters in the downtown area including J & J Rods, Ace Monster Paddler, Captain Billy’s Outfitters, and Magna Bay Paddle Wheel Charters. Other downtown area kayak dealers include Easy Kayak, Big Red Tile, and Edmond Silversmiths.

Of course, the downtown area also has kayaking enthusiasts who enjoy going out on kayaks, cruises, canyons, or just to float around in the water. Two kayaking organizations in the Houston area are Houston Kayaking and the Texas Kayaking Association. Both groups offer novice to professional kayak adventurers a variety of rides and adventures. There are even clubs devoted to specific interests such as kayaking for veterans.

There are plenty of locations in Houston, where kayaking is popular. Those looking for the downtown area can find a kayak rental Houston business, or they can look into a boat ramp. A boat ramp can be used to rent kayaks, canoes, skis, or any other recreational equipment while one is away from home. Whether used by a single person or a family, a kayak Houston rental will give everyone involved a great adventure.