Kayaking Around the Ozark Mountains in the United States – A Kayaker’s Paradise

Kayaking Silver Springs is a wonderful experience. Our Kayaking tours are informative, slow paced and beginner friendly. Your knowledgeable guide will astound you with the history of Silver Springs and point out and describe some of the local wildlife found there.

Our expert guides are CPR certified and enjoy what they do…it shows. We provide tandem kayaking and sit on top pontoon boats with an attached flat bottom for low back comfort. We also provide a short quick safety/paddle practice, and a few perception swims on our private silver rivers. Our expert guides are available by reservation only, and offer great paddle technique, and sense of adventure on our private silver rivers.

Kayaking around the park provides many opportunities for manatee encounters – we have a manatee center with restrooms, picnic tables and light snacks. This is the place to go if you want to take in some manatee encounters while on your kayaking adventure around the park. The trails in the park are in good shape, especially the trails leading to the manatee center. The manatees love to swim and play in the shallow areas of the streams, most notably the stream near the manatee center. Paddle slowly along these sections of the stream to witness the magic of the gentle movement of a manatee as it passes by.

Some of the other amazing attractions in the area are Monkeyland, located at the western end of Manatee Bend Park; Brimming with monkey experiences in its seven acres of protected habitat, from quiet walks amongst trees to full-on monkey adventures at the Brimming Pool, one of the few areas of the park that offers full access to the waters. In addition to monkeyland, the park boasts several other exciting experiences including, but not limited to: Brimming Pool Dam, Brimming Pool Springs, Mount Triglav, Monkey Forest, Mockingbird Creek, Pine Knoll Mountain and the now-famous Topsail Island. If you want more of a wild boating experience, the park offers boat rentals for day trips from the Manatee Bend offices. Renting a boat allows you to get up close and personal with some of the world’s wildest animals; here you can see some of the rarest species of birds, including the bald eagle, eagles, pelicans, fishers, herons, otters, raccoons and many others. You will also find some of the rarest species of reptiles, such as the leatherback turtle, lizard, chameleon, green iguana, pufferfish and others.

One of the most popular wildlife encounters while kayaking in the Silver Springs Kayaks is the chance to spot alligators and all manner of other amazing creatures. Silver river kayakers often report seeing some pretty remarkable wildlife including large mammals like deer and bear, alligators, turtles, crocodiles, squirrels, alligators and opals. Of course, being a kayaker, you will also have opportunities to spot alligators, but the real thrill may come when you spot the rarest of the rare as well. For example, at the beginning of the season (which happens to be early May), you may actually be able to see a black bear.

Another popular activity on the water that many kayakers enjoy is trailing in on a breeding pair of humpback whales as they pass through the area. Silver springs kayaking excursions offer opportunities for sighting these amazing sea creatures as the whales pass through the area. It’s not unusual for one of the humpback whales to come within a few hundred yards of the kayakers as they pause to nurse. As exciting as this may sound, one must realize that only the very best and most experienced kayakers should attempt to trail these whales; calling in advance to have a kayak hired is highly recommended.

Not only are the animals found in the region exciting, there are also many sights and activities to be found in and around the small town of Silver Springs, Arkansas. The beautiful downtown area features a world-class museum, five star hotels, professional baseball and basketball teams and a world-class amusement park. Kayaking adventurers will find a number of opportunities to engage in activities that will take them out into the Arkansas wilderness and beyond. Guided tours of the park are available and can last as little as half an hour, although longer excursions may be arranged. Other guided kayaking trips include rafting the Arkansas River and taking a flight over Ozark Mountains.

Kayakers who want to spend some time kayaking in the warm, clear waters of the Ozark Mountains should definitely plan to visit the famous Pigeon Forge and Tatum Caverns in northwest Arkansas. In addition to being one of the most popular stops on America’s Grand Canyon Trail, Pigeon Forge is home to numerous other attractions including Wild Mouse National Wildlife Refuge and the Pigeon Forge Caverns State Park. Tour guides often offer an unforgettable tour of the caves, which boast more than two hundred thousand-year-old paintings depicting such wildlife as the mighty elk. Kayakers with a desire to swim with wild monkeys should head out to the Pigeon Forge/Tatum Caverns section of the Silver Springs kayaking route and learn about the conservation efforts of The Nature Conservancy.