Kayak Camping Gear Essentials For Your Trip

Kayak camping is one of the most popular past times I have been involved in, I have even done it as a hobby and have many close friends that do the same. However, for me, when it comes to actually buying kayak camping gear, they have been very expensive. This article is about how to buy quality kayak camping gear at a budget.

* We all know we are going to need food storage * (as in for fish and game) in our kayaks, and for many people that means a large size kayak storage unit. I did not have this, so every time we arrived at a campsite, there was a large storage lockers we would use as an emergency food storage for fish and game. However, when it came to actually buying these, I found the prices very expensive, to be honest very expensive. * Trango spray paint * (love this spray paint! Plenty of Europeans use this for everything but don’t find too many when re kayak camping in North America.)

* Two high quality, fully lined waterproof tents, including a small-sized (but very roomy and comfortable) sleeping bag. * Large size, fully lined backpack * (great for carrying food and other items for longer distances when on the kayak camping gear. This also looks great on any beach!) * Tent pegs

* Kayak tent pegs * (To bring kayaking accessories like kayak poles etc. Also good idea to bring kayaking supplies like kayak spray paint, ropes etc.) *2 x trekking poles *A pair of men’s trekking boots *An extra pair of socks *One or two extra towels, to wipe your face *An extra large towel to dry your forehead (and one to dry your mouth on)

* Two quality, fully lined kayak poles *An excellent quality, waterproof tent *Keen bag for carrying food and drink *Dry bags for packing your kayak gear (important if you plan to stay in your kayak overnight) *A kayak angler? *A kayak fishing pole

* Personal hygiene products. You may have to wash your hands before you start to eat, but you probably also need to wash your hands after you do so. You might want to consider using an anti-bacterial hand washing solution for the dishes and personal items you pack. You can buy these online or at your local sports store. And you should definitely make sure you have enough soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, cotton buds, toilet paper etc.

* Three essentials: A waterproof sleeping bag, a thermal blanket, and a personalized pillow. A good warm, comfortable sleeping bag is a must-have for any kayak camping gear-filler. The Therm-a-Rest line of sleeping bags is very popular for their ability to keep people cool during long swims at sea. A thermal blanket is important for any trip that requires extended periods of time spent outdoors, such as hiking. A personalized pillow will make it more comfortable to sleep in a kayak, especially during those nights when you don’t feel like getting out of the tent.

* Four necessities: Ripstop nylon fly-line tent, stakes, an emergency blanket, and an underwater LED flashlight. I’ve seen a lot of first-time kayak fishermen who forget one of these. If you plan on spending many long trips in and out of the water, include these four items for their value to you. A waterproof fly line tent is highly recommended by kayak experts everywhere. This will protect your equipment from rain, sleet, and even other accidental wetness that can cause damage to kayak tent materials. An emergency blanket and thermal blanket will keep you warm and dry on those long trips in and out of the water.