Finding the Best Kayak Wall Mounts

If you are in the market for purchasing one, you will be pleased to know that there are a variety of kayaks to choose from. Some are made with more rigid hulls while others have flexible hulls. Which type will depend upon what you intend to use your kayak for, how you wish to transport it, etc. For instance, a rigid hull is best for competition or race water and will come equipped with many features. On the other hand, a flexible hull will be best for rivers, lakes, or ponds.

If you’re in the market for the best kayak wall mount, check price online at Amazon. The Seattle Sports Kayak Wall Cradle would be choice for best kayak wall mount due to its light weight, ease in installation, and capacity to safely hold a very large, heavy kayak as well. Constructed of lightweight but sturdy powder coated steel, the Seattle Sports Kayak Wall Cradle will safely suspend up to 200 pounds. This is great for when you need to bring your sports kayak to a water park, the shore, or other location where it can safely rest against the surface. However, it is not quite as stable as a rigid hull design. It is also relatively less expensive.

If you have been shopping for a sports kayak wall cradle, you may have noticed that they can be quite expensive. This may be the case with other manufacturers such as Pure Racing. However, there are many web sites which offer discounts on these products, allowing you to save money on an item that you need. It is important that you check price online at various retailers, as you never know if a competitor has a lower price or if they are offering a special promotion. Also, look for sales, which may be available at sporting goods stores, department stores, and other areas. You may find a deal that will save you money, but it is crucial that you check for these savings, as well as comparing prices, models, and features between several different vendors.

Once you have narrowed down your search to one or two models, it is time to start comparing quality. The best kayak wall mount should have a durable metal frame, sturdy fittings and fasteners, locking ports, easy to use controls, a safe platform, and a firm support base. Check the boat’s load rating to make sure that the equipment will safely support the kayaks full weight. There are some boats that are only meant for recreational purposes, so you will want a design that will safely transport you and your equipment from the water to shore. Your home or garage is not the place to transport a speedboat, or a Sitka kayak, so make sure you choose a wall support that can handle these types of boats.

The next thing you want to look for in the best kayak storage solutions is ease of set up and tear down. Portable wall-mounted kayaks should be easy to setup and tear down. The weight of the equipment should allow it to be transported via one person, with easy access. Some of the more modern kayaks come with trays that slide into the bottom of the boat, making it even easier to store. In addition, it makes it more comfortable to sit in the kayak, rather than feeling like you are sitting on a flat surface, or trying to tip an uncomfortable boat over.

Another consideration is the weight capacity of the unit. A light weight aluminum wall rack would be ideal, as these are usually designed for one person only, or small boats. If you have a larger boat, then you will obviously need a different style of kayak wall mount, such as a retractable system with steel hooks. Retractable systems are great because they store compactly and can be moved when necessary. The great thing about steel hooks is that they can be made to fit a wide variety of sizes and styles of kayaks, which allows for different combinations of hanging and storing space. The best ones usually feature an anti-tip mechanism to prevent tipping, which is especially useful for tall kayaks, which can sometimes cause the unit to slide off the bottom.

Finally, you want to look for a mounting system that has plenty of storage space inside. Some people prefer having the ability to lock up the entire kayak storage rack to ensure their personal safety and to prevent theft. Others, however, like the ability to move the unit from one location to another, while still leaving the hooks in place. These people may prefer a tilting type of mount, which allows them to tilt the unit so that they can see what they are doing, while still being able to store their kayaks securely.

Some people prefer the look and feel of a full stainless steel wall mounted rack, which goes great in the garage. Other people, however, don’t like the way that these look. For these people, one can opt for molded composite racks, which have a more modern design. These look much like garage shelves, with steel brackets and shelves located below the coating, making it appear much like something out of a home garage. If you enjoy storing things indoors but enjoy having the convenience of being able to go outside and store your kayak, then this type of rack is definitely the way to go.