Finding The Best Kayak Storage Racks And Hangers

If you own kayaks, you know that they aren’t small and compact and need a place to safely store them. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of space for kayak storage in most kayak storage facilities. Some places only have a few canoes, and some have dozens of them. That means your kayaks could be stored in any direction, up against a wall or against a corner, and there’s no way to predict how much weight they will have to carry until they are transported to their new destination. Here are some ways to create more space in your kayak storage garage:

Shelves. Kayaks can be quite heavy, so consider having some shelves installed to hold smaller items. You can set them in any direction, incline, or straight. Some people like to have them facing the beach so they can see their reflection while lying on the water. Others prefer to put them on a shelf with safety straps to help transport their boat while wearing safety equipment. If you want to keep your boat in one spot, this is a great way to do it.

Ceiling raisers. You may already have overhead garage hangers that you can hang your kayaks on. If not, there are several models of overhead garage hangers designed specifically for canoes and kayaks. There are also ceiling jacks designed for use with kayaks. Consider using these to support the weight of your boat as you transport it from the water to the garage.

Drill storage. Some boats come with plastic kayak hulls that are meant to be drilled into so you can bolt them together. However, these plastic parts can quickly warp if they are constantly exposed to water, and plastic isn’t as durable as metal, so plastic might not be a good choice for a primary storage area. Use metal for this purpose, and then drill through the plastic.

Kayak storage racks. There are several different kinds of kayak storage racks to choose from, depending on what you need to secure. Most storage racks are made of nylon, but some come in plastic as well. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on weather conditions during the time you will be storing your kayak, so you don’t risk having them get wet and cause damage. There are also storage racks that are designed specifically to hold inflatable kayaks.

The most versatile rack would be a garage rack. Generally, all garage racks are constructed out of one piece of wood or plastic and feature either folding or locking doors. The rack features two vertically installed poles, usually made from cedar or redwood, that extend out into a vertical position, holding one or more kayaks. The upper pole is designed to fit over a standard roof, while the lower pole can go through a normal roof. This type of rack is both easy to set up and can store multiple kayaks.

Another kind of rack is a garage wall hanger. They are similar to a garage rack, except it features two long poles that hang down into a storage shed-like enclosure. The inside surface of the enclosure is designed to be durable and weatherproof. They are usually constructed out of either polyurethane or vinyl. These types of kayak storage products are available from many different manufacturers, including Rad Sportz, Bestop, and Seaquest. Some brands that manufacture these products are Pinnacle, Bestop, and Seaquest.

It’s important to make sure that you pick the best quality kayak storage racks and hangers to store your kayaks. The strength of the hanger is important, as well as the durability of the pole. You want a system that is going to hold many years of use, as well as one that will look good in your backyard.