Eagle Creek Kayaking is for Beginners and Experts Alike!

Eagle Creek kayaking is a popular weekend activity among locals, and is a great way to get a taste of nature. It’s easy to find kayaks and other equipment along the Creek, and it makes for a great day out for all ages and skill levels. Here are a few tips for the best time of year to try Eagle Creek kayaking.

Kayak and paddle boats are plentiful at Eagle Creek, and kayaking from the water offers a unique perspective. From the falls itself, it is a stunning ride down to the falls themselves and then several miles down to the sparkling waters below. Paddler boats can easily be pushed into the water from the shore, and there are numerous lakeside restaurants, stores, and amenities for boaters to use. Hiking from one falls to another can be done on foot or by hiking up a trail. Hikers can find lush plantings along the way that provide amazing shade and habitat for wildlife.

For the best places to kayak, it is best to head up towards the Cedar Springs area. There are a number of lakeside camping spots, and you’ll want to avoid the beaches at Cedar Springs. The beaches at Eagle Bend and Eagle Creek offer more bang for your buck, with their huge beach areas and peaceful beaches. The latter, at the lower elevation of the springs, is also a fantastic destination if you want to see the wildlife on a smaller scale.

It is very important to dress appropriately for kayaking in this area. Bring plenty of water, sun block, hat, sunglasses, paddles, and rainwear. If you’re planning on leaving the car, you’ll want to make sure that you can lock up the car with the correct locks. You’ll want to check with the campground to find out what the regulations are. Many have no-sleeping rules for kayakers.

If you’re prepared, Eagle Creek will present a wide array of scenery to take your eyes off of. Look for creek birds such as the towhee, took, little blue, black-legged gull, and woodpeckers. You’ll also want to look for eagles. Often, you’ll be able to spot them on the water as they navigate their way through the creeks.

In terms of equipment, you’ll need some specialized items. For example, you’ll need a kayak paddle with a rudder in order to get around bends, holes, and rapids. A float or a set of fins is also a good idea. If you have limited maneuverability, you might not want to try kayaking on a canoe, unless you’re experienced in lakeside kayaking. A sit in kayak might be the perfect option if you’re unsure about moving around on the water.

Another requirement is an emergency paddle. This will come in handy if capsized boats or other incidents happen. Try not to forget your life jacket! Some areas, especially in rainy months, don’t have life jackets available. In those situations, an advanced paddle device will make a world of difference, so take it into consideration when choosing your equipment. It will also come in handy if you need help.

Kayaking in Eagle Creek poses certain challenges, but if you prepare correctly, you’ll find that these won’t deter you from enjoying yourself. Eagle Creek has beautiful scenery, which is a stark contrast to its nearby neighbors. It’s a vibrant community with a wide range of offerings for recreation and enjoyment. You’ll likely come home feeling refreshed and recharged.

You can choose to explore nearby beaches for hours or opt to tour the more remote sections of the lake itself. You can take guided tours of the area or chart your own course through the water. Kayaking in Eagle Creek is a blast because of the natural beauty surrounding you. Hiking along rocky trails, spotting wildlife and other wildlife, or simply enjoying the sights and smells of nature will give you a wonderful workout.

You don’t have to purchase a boat to enjoy kayaking in Eagle Creek. Many areas are so remote, boats can be scarce. In this situation, it’s even more rewarding to go barefoot kayaking! Bring along a tent, some food and a few paddles, and you’ll be all set.

Eagle Creek kayaking is an adventure you won’t soon forget. The area offers beautiful scenery and scenic spots to paddle through. It has all the elements for a great day of boating or resting on the shore. If you have never tried kayaking here, you are definitely missing out. The opportunities to explore and discover are endless. Don’t delay, plan to visit this beautiful area soon!